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| Business Newsletter |
September 30, 2010 | |
| The footprint without ecological impactVeja, already a famous brand for sneakers, represents the ecological shoes. Answer to the fashiondiktats and sustainable development is not an easy thing. But Veja, the French brand, did it!!!Shoes are produced from natural products. The canvas is produced from biological cotton coming fromBrazilian producers. They use rubber coming from Amazonian wild trees. The consequence is that the brand has a positive impact on the preservation of the Amazonian forest by collecting rubber from wildtrees.Moreover, the weaving and the assembly are made by cooperatives which respect the fundamentals right of employees.Nowadays, 400 Brazilians families are producing cotton and 40 are producing rubberfor Veja. When a Korean company is showing the right way of doing businessIn terms of sustainable development, Korea is not really the one from where we expect awareness regarding thetopic. This firm is specialized in the production of nappies and tissues). First of all, let’s have a look on the corporate mission: Providing consumer preferred products and services, lead development ofhygienic life-style and contribute to the health and welfare of people. Moreover, the company has decided to orientate its core policy on this necessity: Valuing people, customer satisfaction,contribution to society, creating value, leading innovation ENEL confirms its presence in the Dow Jones sustainability index 20Rome, 19 Sept 2010 “Once again in 2011, for the seventh year in a row, ENELwill be part Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index and the selective Dow Jones World Index as “Sustainability Leader" in the Italian electricity sector of the prestigious. The Dow Jones SustainabilityIndexes are the first global indexes tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide”. For more Information