Dialogue inspecteur temoin en anglais

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A policeman: Nobody stays here !
There is nothing to see !
Move along !

The inspector : So, what is your name ?

The witness : Well, my name is Roisin Smith.
Oh my god ..
I ..I saw all the murder !
It was so horrible, cruel and inhumane. Oh ! Oh .. Sorry ..

The inspector : I know, but I need your help.
What were you doing here ? Why were you on the placewhen the "accident" hapened.

The witness : Like every sunday, I left my boyfriend's house, after diner. When I arrive at the entrance of the tunnel that I have to cross to go home, acar cut me off the road. It drove so fast that I heard the tyres screeching.
I think the car was a black Jaguar.

The inspector : Did you see the driver ??!?
Hum.. Sorry .. Continueplease.

The witness : No, no it's ok. Mmm let me think.. At that moment, I thought the driver was a man. But I was not sure because the windows of the car were teinted.

Theinspector : Do you remember, approximately, what time it was ?

The witness : I think it was 11.15 p.m.
I was very dark and that's why I didn't notice the guy or rather the young man.
Hewas already in the tunnel and he was alone. By the middle, just there, If I remember well.
I was sure that the driver saw him but the car continued to roll.
I was so stupid...

Theinspector : No, no.. it's not your fault!

The witness : At that moment I began to be afraid. I screamed to the young man to go out of the
road !! But he didn't hear me...
Twoseconds after, I saw the car.. It began to curb .. but ... it bumped the body of the
young man .
It was so terrible !!!..

The inspector : Keep calm please ..! What hapened next?

Thewitness : The boy was not totally dead. I thought of calling the police but after seeing the driver, I was too scared to take my cell phone.

The inspector : So, you saw him ??!! The...
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