Disruptive technology

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(Pr. Jeffrey Klein)

1) Self-Assessment

• THEME 1 : ‘’ I prefer working alone’’

- Since my childhood, my entourage family and friends considered me as a complex character. In fact, I am hard to understand by others. Maybe it comes from me, being shy, timid, which creates difficulties for me to communicate my ideas and feelings to others around me.
- Also, I have to recognise that I have my own way of thinking to get toa result. This could represent an advantage for me, and makes my personality more attractive and more original. However, I have to recognise I have difficulties to organise my ideas as I have so many of them every minute which I find funny and others too. In fact, I like to explore different ways of thinking and get my inspiration from my observation of the world. For this reason, my mother oncecompared me to Russell Crowe’s character in “A beautiful mind”.
- I need to be familiar and feel comfortable with the space I work in, and that in order to find my own organisation and more easily focus on the mission I am working on but I would always remain discrete and reserved if this space does not fit me then I would adapt myself to it.
- I have difficulties to focus on learning whenthere are people around as my timidity makes me always feel observed by others but I am working on that, with some progressing and convincing results for the moment.

• THEME 2 : ‘’ Location is important in my career choice ‘’

- Being specialised in finance, I need to be located in a financial capital, which means a

city with a stock-exchange market like Paris, London or New York.

- MaybeEurope would more appropriate for me as it is 2 hours away from my hometown Tunis, Tunisia. But if I find what I expect in New York I would not let the opportunity pass.
- I need to evolve in an urban environment, not only for the facilities it could provide me but also because I believe in the fact that a stressful environment could stimulate me and make me more reactive and more aggressive inthe good way.
- In addition, I was raised with the European culture, so in Europe I feel at home. Culturally and intellectually speaking, I believe Europe is better than any other place in the world as individuals are fully offered freedom of thinking and expression so that is the best way to ensure their self-fulfilment .
• THEME 3 : “ I am looking for recognition above all “

- Recognitionbrings respect, which is the most important value for me.
- I believe if I am well recognised, it will allow me to return to my hometown and be well-considered there. In addition, concerning business, recognition would allow me to attract investors more easily as I am hoping to start my own company after my financial career.
- For the present, I am looking for prestigious companies for myinternships and also for my future career.
- Also, I come from a relatively unknown background and would like to promote it so if I am well-recognised, people would be easily attracted to discover it .
• THEME 4 : “ As a senior executive, I would like to reach $100 000 a year as a minimum wage “

- I have to recognise I am demanding a high salary, so only finance could provide me satisfactionconcerning my financial expectations.
- I have future post-career projects, so I may need to gather the maximum money in the shortest period of time possible.
- Besides, I aim to raise a family and help people around me, so this might need a minimum level of securities.
- It is also important for me to be conscious of the fact that I deserve it, regarding my efforts, my sacrifices and also the...