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Cloning: The process of making a clone, a genetically identical copy. Cloning can refer to the technique of producing a genetically identical copy of an organism by replacing the nucleus of anunfertilized ovum with the nucleus of a body cell from the organism.
VOS GUELES!! GO CLONAGE!!! is it less immoral to let thousands of people dye every year because of incurable diseases like cancer andaids??!! with cloning people would finally be CURED!! and animals in extinction would live again! and people in Africa...dying of hunger.. FOOD!!! so do some RESEARCH before u just think that cloningmeans reproducing a person exactly the same! OK!!!!
I know most of the people out there are against genetic engineering and cloning, and I myself have certain problems with the concept. But, Iwas born paralyzed from the waist down, and seeing people walk past me and give me dirty looks every day is something I wish I didn't have to live through. Should the genetic manipulation technologyfrom perhaps 5 years from now have been available when I was born, I would be walking today. The possible benefits of genetic engineering can far outweigh the negative aspects. But only if theknowledge is only used by moral and good people. (Of course now we realize morality and goodness are relative subjects....) But think about it, should genetic manipulation technology become reliable enoughto use medically on humans, EVERY disabled person could be healed. The lame would walk and the blind would see. It is very much a ying-and-yang situation.
I was just thinking about some of thewonderful possibilities for cloning in medicine. Creating more heart tissue for a heart-attack victim, creating skin grafts for burn victims, etc....and then I thought, we're losing our consequences. If Ican just grow a new heart, why live healthily? If I can replace my cancerous liver, why stop drinking, or why use proper protection around radioactive material, or why should I ensure that my...