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Dublin is the largest city and capital of Ireland. Its name comes from the Irish dubh linn which means black pool. Why so many people fall in love with Dublin and how can you enjoy your holidays inIreland’s metropole ?

Dublin is a young friendly and extremely compact city so you can see loads and have a lot of fun in a short space of time. Getting more and more multicultural everyday, Dublinis the home of Guinness , the birthplace of some of the rose best known writers and musicians like Bernard Shaw . There are statues of the famous writers at different locations and there is an entirewall dedicated to the city’s most famous singers called the wall of fame


Dublin has a vast numbers of theatres, showing plays , musicals and comedies . You will find different types ofshows. Currently there are two shows well worth seeing. ‘ Taylors Irish night’ and the ‘’Ha’Penny bridge’’ are totally different but they both reflect the culture of Ireland’s capital.

Dublin offersa wide range of activities. For instance, if you are keen on sport , Dublin offers a vast selection of sports from horse riding and golfing to sailing and swimming . Therefore, there is definitelysomething for everyone. Dublin has the largest indoor water world called the National aquatic centre which is a place to enjoy for the entire family.
Moreover, Dublin is a great city for those who likeshopping. If you want to go on a shopping spree, Dublin is the place to go. As you would expect from a capital city, Dublin is great for shopping .There are a lot of shopping centres like theStephens Green shopping centre. The city has a wide range from clothes to typical craft shops to suit all tastes and wallets.

To travel within Dublin city, you can use public transport. There are threeparts to this system: buses, trains and trams. Dublin bus provides bus services for the city and county of Dublin and adjoining areas .Furthermore a frequent train service called DART runs along the...