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To what extent are the protagonists of the stories in Dubliners torn between deluded dreams of fulfillment on one hand and personal inadequacy and a repressive environment on the other?

In Dubliners we can see that most of the characters are represented as weak with a sense of no more hope.They are split between dream which at the beginning we think might be possible but throughout the novels we are slowly considering the fact of unachievement. On one hand we can blame the new Irish generation who is described by Joyce liked they do not have the good values anymore which by extension contributes to the paralysis and decline of Ireland.On the other we can say it is because of a viscous circle when a group involves the all country which in this case it will be due to theAnglo-Irish protestants presence in Ireland which keeps the Irish down. All this makes an unstable environment which does not help the protagonists to achieve their goals. Many novels characterise these ideas. To picture the idea of missed opportunities or unachieved goal we will analyse A Painful Case and Evelyn on the other hand the analysis of Ivy day in the Committee Room and The Dead will helpus understand the unfavourable environment to change which is also full of obstacles.

In Evelyn like in a Painful Case we mostly have the Theme of missed opportunities. In this novel we see in addition to the unfavourable environment that the character is very naïve . With it Joyce creates a certain irony which attracts the reader. Also joyce uses scrupulous meanness which emphasises the senseof irony. We see that she do not want to live like her mother did, however she still takes care of her father. We see a cycle of sacrifice emerging through the story where in parallel she really thinks about having a new life. We also know that religion is omni-present all through the book like in Ivy Day in the Committee Room where religion is really appearing in a form not advantaging, “...had the appearance of a damp yellow cheese...” which will lead us to the topic of the symbolic of colours in the book. We can also see in parallel in this passage that there is an ambiguity around the priest we do not known exactly who he is, which can show us a sense of shame around religion.
Then we see that evelyn really needs to escape this idea is brought by an epiphany. Which is linked to acultural and environmental expectancy. Which is a perfect example of the unfavourable environment. Then all the society seems paralyses and is characterised with brown and yellow colours which in the book is sign of fade and decay. This is also emphasised by the presence of dust in her house where she looks outside through her window. We can see here a sense of entrapment of this character at ametal and physical level. At the end we see that when she decides finally not to go and then the society instantly seems paralysed again and we are lead to a sense of nostalgia that she missed that one opportunity. In this story we see that there is a physical and social entrapment but the character is really scared of change and a sense of guilt to leave her dad alone. This experience will bebased principally on hope but the idea of the unknown, adventure and break of routine decides her for a time.

Where in Painful Case we also have the main theme of a missed opportunity we feel that Joyce novel is more based on the readers feelings. During the reading we feel agony and frustration.
Here again the characters are driven by fear and social conventions which leads at the end toparalysis again.

However in this story James Joyce uses a third person monologue like in Counterparts which makes distance between the reader and the protagonist, however it makes the reader have an early understanding of the situation. Also wee see again the symbolic of brown colours like the “buffed coloured newspaper” which will inform Dr.Duffy of the suicide of her soulmate. We see the...
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