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English final
Today i’ll speak about touchscreens.
At first I’ll give you a little presentation : history and definition
After this I’ll present you the different touchscreens which existsin our society :
The resistive touchscreen,the capacitive touchscreen and the infrared touchscreen.
The last part will give you some explications about multitouch and its applications.
Solet’s begin :
A touchscreen is a display which can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. You have to use your finger or your hand to touch the display : You could also usea stylet or an Electromagnetic pen to touch the display but in this last case the term touchscreen is not applicable.
The touchscreen has two main attributes:
-First, it enables us to interactwith what is displayed directly on the screen
-Secondly, it lets us doing so without requiring any intermediate device
Well now I’ll describe you the different touchscreen which exists :
*Thefirst is the resistive touchscreen* :
*The Second type is the capacitive touchscreen* :
A layer which accumulates charges is placed on the glass plate of the display : when you touch the screenwith your finger some of these charges are transferred to your finger : charges which leave the capacitive plate create a lack which is measurable. Some sensors at the corners of the plete give thepositions of your finger.
*Infrared Touchscreen* :
It’s not litteraly a screen : it’s a frame which are connected infrared issuers and receivers : this issuers send some infrared rays : so whenyour finger touch the screen it stops vertical and horizontal rays : the receivers which doesn’t receive their rays give the information to the computer which can give the position of your finger.
Asconclusion : Diapo12
Now the particularities of the touchscreen is that today they can be multitouch !
Even if it exists since 1982, they are marketable for 2 years.
The Microsoft...