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English Film Review,
Tears of the Sun.

Tears of the Sun is set in war-torn Nigeria due to general Mustafa Yakubu’s (Kanayo Chiemelu) attempt to cease power and the assassination of PresidcntSamuel Azuka and all of his family. Lieutenant A.K Waters (Bruce Willis) is a special-ops commander, leading his team into Nigeria to rescue American personnel from the wrath of war. He is sent to rescuedoctor Lena Fiore Kendricks (Monica Belluci), two nuns ( Finnula Flanagan and Cornelia Hayes O’Herlihy) and Father Gianni (Pierrino Mascarino), all American citizens. However, Waters soon realizesthat doctor Kendricks will only accept to leave Nigeria if the 70 refugees, who her Catholic Mission is composed off, accompany them as well. The two nuns and the Father do not want to leave the sickand injured and decide to stay behind, knowing that groups of rebel will sooner or later come and attack the village due to the religion differences. The lieutenant acknowledges the fact that hismission is to only save the American personnel, but he is left with no choice by the doctor’s unbreakable determination and accepts the terms. However, the doctor does not realize that Waters has one rule,and that is to not care about the reasons leading to the wars and to only follow orders. She is therefore “betrayed” when the special-ops team forces her on a helicopter and leave the refugees behind.But the Lieutenant breaks his one rule and decides to return and help the refugees get to the Cameroun border. Waters’ team soon realizes that they are followed by a few hundred Nigerian soldier butdo not understand why or how they can track them at night. They soon discover that one of the refugees is the son to President Azuka and the rightful heir to the Nigerian throne. The Lieutenant is nowfaced with a serious decision; stay with the refugees and fight, being outnumbered, and risk his life and the one of his team member or leave the refugees to their fate and save the doctor. He and...