Essai sur la democratie

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Democracy was born in Athens, Greece, during the sixth century BC. The actual word is a translation of the Greek “Demos Cratos” which means “the government of the people, by the people for the people" according to the words of Abraham Lincoln. Therefore, the people who exercise the power are the same people who enjoy freedom, such as freedom of movement, religion or thought. Nowadays, mostcountries over the world operate with Democracy. Furthermore, we can see an increase of democratic countries since the collapse of the Eastern Block in the late twentieth century. Even if there is no doubt that Democracy is considered a base to protect individual liberties in a country, we can ask ourselves about the limits that carry its institutional implementation. In the first part of this essay, Iwill show how Democracy is the essential political system to protect individual liberties. In the second part, I will demonstrate how individual liberties often work alongside democracy with interests in common although democracy does not always protect liberty.

Democracy may protect individual liberties most of the time; indeed, the government is obliged to make rules. In fact, if therewere no rules, it would be the law of the jungle and it is the strongest that wins. This demonstrates that The Leviathan of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and especially the work of Jean Jacques Rousseau “Social Contract” . They explain the advantages of democracy which can protect the liberty of everyone. The laws are created so that each individual can enjoy equal freedom. Man needs the freedom ofproperty to exist. "Ma liberté s’arrête la ou commence celle des autres" means « My freedom ends where someone else's begins ». This sentence was purpose to define “Individual liberties” into “the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen” , which dates from 1789. This sentence means that I am free as Iong as I do not infringe the freedom of others. For example, I can listen to music if itdoes not interfere with my neighbours. So that everyone in a democracy knows his freedom. It is the duty of the citizen to respect the law. Indeed, being free does not mean to do what we want; we are free as long as we respect the laws that are created by other citizens, who represent us.

Democracy means the power of the people and for the people. Democracy may protect our individualliberties because everyone can vote to elect a representative. Everyone is free to vote for their chosen candidate and is free to stand for election. The role of representatives is to create laws that will strengthen our freedom. They also handle our security. Indeed, freedom and security go together. If there is no safety, we cannot enjoy freedom. That is why in democratic countries, there is an armyand police forces who are there to protect us.

Finally, regarding justice, it is the foundation of democracy. In fact, if a citizen believes that their freedom is violated or disregarded, he may appeal to Justice. No man can be convicted without having been tried first. Everyone has a right to a lawyer to defend themselves and defend their liberties. This is the principle of Justice as John Rawlsdefinite in his book “Justice and Democracy” Rawls advocates democratic justice, repeating his theory of equity issued in “A Theory of Justice” .
To sum up, democracy protects individual liberties. Indeed, by voting, laws or justice, citizens are the only ones to decide their rights and thus their freedom.

The first part of the essay shows that democracy protects individual liberties.However, in the second part, we will see that there is some limit to liberty.

First, in a democracy, there are rules and they have to be respected so it is not possible to have total freedom. These rules are very important because if they were not here, life would be impossible. For example, you cannot kill anyone. It is the law so you are therefore not totally free.

When law is drawn up, it...
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