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Editing Headers, Footers, and Footnotes
ABBYY FineReader detects headers, footers, and footnotes and recreates them in the output document. In the Text window, headers, footers, and footnotes areindicated by dashed lines.
You can edit headers, footers, and footnotes in the Text window using any of the tools available in this window.
Saving the Results
Recognized texts can be saved to afile, sent to another application without saving them to disk, copied to the Clipboard, or sent by e–mail as attachments in any of the supported saving formats.
● Saving: General Describes the savingcapabilities provided by ABBYY FineReader.
● Saving in RTF/DOC/WordML/DOCX
● Saving in XLS/XLSX
● Saving in PDF
● PDF Security Settings Explains the security settings available when saving inPDF: protecting your document with passwords that prevent unauthorized opening, editing, or printing and selecting an encryption level compatible with earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat.
● Saving inHTML
● Saving in PPT
● Saving in TXT
● Saving in DBF
● Saving in CSV
● Saving in LIT
● Saving to Microsoft SharePoint
● Saving an Image of the Page Describes the procedure that savesyour page without performing OCR on it and provides advice on reducing the size of your images.
Saving: General
Once you have performed OCR on a document, you can save the results to disk or sendthem to an application of your choice. The corresponding commands can be found on the File menu:
● File>Save FineReader Document> Saves the current ABBYY FineReader document on your hard disk toallow later modification. Both the recognized text and the page images are saved.
● File>Save As> Saves theFile>Send To> Opens the recognized text in an application of your choice. Noinformation is saved on your drive.
● File>Send Selected Pages To> Opens the selected pages in an application of your choice. No information is saved on your drive.
● File>Save To...
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