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What is golf?
 A precision club and ball.

 Goal: play each hole of a golf course with the

feewest number of strokes.  A golf course is a serieof holes differently shaped: usually 18 holes

Golf in Facts
 Players in France: nearly 900 000 players in  

2006 Number of golf course in France:678 Percent of France territory: 0,06% Turnover: 1,5 billion EUR 13 000 employees

Golf players by age and gender

Young men (8%) Young women (3%) Men (63%)Women (26%)

Rules of Golf
 International rules
 Governed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club St

Andrews (1754) and United States Golf Association (USGA) In addition Golf Etiquette.

Numeric Term -5 Specific Term Ostrich Definition Five Strokes under par

-4 -3
-2 -1 E +1 +2 +3 +4

Condor AlbatrossEagle Birdie Par Bogey Double Bogey Triple Bogey Quadruple Bogey

Four strokes under par Three strokes under par
Two strokes under par One stroke under par Equalsto par One stroke up par Two strokes up par Three strokes up par Four strokes up par

Various ways to play
 Individual:
 Stroke play  Stableford  Matchplays

 Team
 Match plays  Foursome

Golf courses
 Golf courses are made usually 18 holes.  Made of fairway, rough and other hazards such

as sandbunker, grass bunker, water… and the well known putting green.

Famous Golf players

Famous Golf Tournements
 Men:
 Ryder Cup  Augusta Master  Open de France Women
 Evian Masters

Why do I like golf?
 Meet people  Be outside  Escape from stress  Always a different game