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Student No.:
Student home address during placement:
Email address:
Placement Begins on:
Placement ends on:
Student Contact number(s) during placement: home: mob:
Work Placement site (Name of Work Place):
Work Place Address:

Work PlaceSupervisor’s name:

Web address:
Describe the project in which you will be involved (please be specific)
Describe your role in the project (please be specific)
What kind of product are you expected to deliver (please tick the appropriate category)?
Describethe product(please be as specific as you can)

Work Placement Approval Signatures:

Student: Date:

Work Place Supervisor: Date:

Subject Coordinator: Date:

The original of this agreement should be held by the Subject Coordinator and copies of the agreement by the Student and the Work Place Supervisor.Introduction
Privacy and the protection of confidential information are serious issues with potential legal ramifications, even for students. While on work placement, students may come into contact with information that is not publicly available. Such information is confidential information and must not be revealed to anyone else.Students are required to abide by the confidentiality procedures of the work place where they are undertaking their work placements. However, many work places do not have specific confidentiality policies and procedures to address circumstances relevant to students. Therefore, the following guidelines have been developed to ensure students are aware of theirresponsibilities with regard to maintaining confidentiality of information.

Confidentiality Agreement
All students undertaking work placements will be required by the University to sign a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ as a means to ensure that they understand their responsibilities when handlingconfidential information. Students should consult with their Subject Coordinator if they have any queries about their responsibilities under this agreement.

What is ‘confidential information’?
Confidential information is any information the work place specifies as confidential. Confidential information is also anyinformation not available to the public on request and not on the public record and which allows an individual or work place to be identified.

This information can be either immediately identifiable (that is, an individual’s or organisation’s identity is immediately apparent from the information) or potentially identifiable (where furtherprocesses are required to determine the identity of an individual or organisation). Examples of confidential information would include personal information about staff or clients of a work place, and trade secrets of a work place.

In the context of work placements, any information about an individual or organisation that is not available to the publicshould be treated as potentially confidential. Thus, the content or substance of the information is irrelevant when assessing whether it is confidential. Confidential information is to be treated as private and confidential unless otherwise defined by your Work Place Supervisor.

What if the organisation has its own confidentiality procedures?...