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Samsung: Building brand equity through brand community

Samsung has created a strong brand around innovation, cutting edge technology and world class design. True to its brand image, Samsung resorted to a design competition to excite customers and involve the brand's community about its upcoming MP3 range of electronic gadgets. To boost the Samsung brand's hip image amongst theyounger crowd, Samsung asked students to offer their concepts for a MP3 design. The idea resonated strongly among the student community to such an extent that Samsung received a whopping 2000 designs for this contest.
Samsung, by resorting to such activities achieves two main benefits. Firstly, it reinforces Samsung's strong connection to the brand community by hooking up youngsters early on tothe brand to create brand excitement. Secondly, Samsung reinforces its brand image of always being on the forefront of innovation and design.
In a cut-throat market of branded consumer electronics, these innovative marketing methods to involve the brand community offer great leverage to sustain long-term brand equity. The Samsung design contest drives home the point that a strong brand alwaysinvolves the community in its brand building efforts to strengthen brand equity beyond traditional brand communication and media channels.

( Brand Equity The sum of all distinguishing qualities of a brand, drawn from all relevant stakeholders, that results in personal commitment to and demand forthe brand; these differentiating thoughts and feelings make the brand valued and valuable.
A brand community is a community formed on the basis of attachment to a product or brand.

To enhance its reputation, its brand image, customer loyalty and even to acquiring a new clients, Samsung chose to involve its consomateusr in its innovations. It is a strategies can increasingly common and seems tobe profiatble. As a consumer I find this choice very interesting and motivating. The consumer feels listened to and acknowledged.

What Is The Marketing Strategy Of Nike? Brand image


Nike, Inc. is a marketer of sports apparel and athletic shoes. The American manufacturer, through its marketing strategy which rests on a favourable brand image, has evolved into a large multinationalenterprise. In keeping with the brand image is its association with the distinctive logo and its advertising slogan, "Just do it." In order to maintain and sustain this image, the company makes huge investments in advertising and brand promotion.

Its promotional activities include agreements for product sponsorship with professional athletic teams, celebrity athletes, and numerous collegeathletic teams. Nike is involved in the production of goods for a wide variety of sports, competing with every sports fashion brand in existence. Because of the absence of any single brand that rivals the products of Nike, the company has no direct competitors, with the exception of German company Adidas. This has helped popularize the brand worldwide in all areas of sport and sports fashion.

( Brand Image The customer's net "out-take" from the brand. For users this is based on practical experience of the product or service concerned (informed impressions) and how well this meets expectations; for non-users it is based almost entirely upon uninformed impressions, attitudes and beliefs.
A branding strategy is a profitable one but need importantinvesstissement and a strong involvement from the company. Indeed, the reputation is linked to trademark, logo, slogan. It is therefore necessary to constantly communicate on these. This reinforces the brand image, reputation and creates impulse purchases. Today, everybody knows what the nike’s logo looks like and knows their slogan : JUST DO IT ! It’s kind of a symbol. People identifiate themselves...