Junk food

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Junk food is an extract from an autobiography entitled Note from a big country, it was written by the contemporary author Bill Bryson. It published in1980.
Judging by the illustration and the title, we can suppose that the text will dead with the American way of eating, that is junk food.
Bill Bryson isAmerican whereas his wife is English. They both lived in England from 1977 to 1997. They have been living in the USA since 1997.
The scene takes place inan American supermarket.
Just after their arrival in the USA.
One day, just after their arrival in the USA, the narrator who is American told his wife whois English that he would like to the supermarket with her because she had not understood the spirit of American eating at all. She didn’t realize thatthere were living in a paradise of junk food, and she only brought home healthy stuff like fresh broccoli and packets of Ryvita.
He decided to go shoppingwith her because he‘s disappointed with what she brought back home from her errands.
He couldn’t stand healthy food anymore
He could no longer bearhealthy food.
He was sick of it.
He was fed up with it.
He was dying for junk food.
Even thought he knows junk food is unhealthy, he can’t help eatingit.
He knows it’s dangerous for the healthy and yet he can’t help eating junk food.
He‘s addicted to junk food.
It conveys the idea that junk food isnot good, off putting disgusting, too artificial. The colors are not natural. The textures are strange, “goo”.
Mac Donald ‘s logo = the golden arches.