Les miserables

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For those that do not know polygamy is to have several lovers. Polygamy is used mainly for men and for women it's polyandry. According todemographers, there are 80% of the global population is polygamous. Of these 80%, only 1% is polyandry. Polygamy is not the same as group marriages, it is to marry more thanone person of each sex, even though polygamy is men with several women and women with several men. The word polygamy means in Latin "poly" meaning many and "gamos" whichmeans marriages.

Plygamy in the world:
Many countries allow polygamy but it is not encouraged, like in all Muslim countries except Tunisia and Turkey and also someAfrican countries. Today only 10% of men have several wives and he is rich.
For the Western population, polygamy and unacceptable and it is a crime. You can also seethat only society accepting divorce are polygamous. While society does not accept divorce are monogamous.

Polygamy and religion:
For Judaism the religion of polygamy isaccepted, it is even in the Torah. For the religion of Christianity, polygamy is unacceptable because the churches are to maintain abstinence before marriage andfidelity in addition it is forbidden to divorce. For the religion of Islam, polygamy is accepted but there is a rule that when a man must have only four women at once. The factthat polygamy is accepted in Islam is well justified in the Koran, but there are still a majority of monogamous in that religion.

I think polygamy should not beaccepted because you can not really love someone if we have three other people to love. The love we give must be for a single person.
What do you think about polygamy?