Mansfield park

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Tom Bertram - The Bertrams' older son and the heir to Mansfield. He lives to party and has gotten into debt, for which Edmund will suffer. Eventually, his lifestyle catches up to him, as he nearlydies from an illness caused by too much drinking.
The older son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram; he is seven years older than Fanny. Tom is principally interested in carousing in London society andenjoying the pleasures of the theatre with his friend, Mr. Yates. Tom incurs large debts, forcing Sir Thomas to sell the church position that would have gone to Tom's younger brother, Edmund. Onecelebratory journey leaves Tom with a fever and he later learns the error of his ways.
Thomas Bertram
Thomas Bertram |
Full Name: | Thomas Bertram |
Gender: | Male |
Age: | 17 at the beginning ofthe novel, 27 at the end |
Income: | The estate of Mansfield Park and its demesnes, which will be his patrimony |
Education: | Unknown |
Rank: | Elder son of a baronet |
Primary Residence: |Mansfield Park, but he often travels and stays with friends and acquaintances |
Family |
Parents: | Sir Thomas Bertram and Lady Bertram |
Sibling(s): | (from the eldest to youngest)Edmund Bertram,Maria Bertram, and Julia Bertram |
Thomas Bertram is a protagonist in Jane Austen's 1814 novel, Mansfield Park. He is the elder son and heir of Sir Thomas Bertram, a baronet and wealthy landowner inNorthamptonshire who also owns an estate in Antigua.
Thomas Bertram, who is mainly called "Tom", is depicted as a person who is careless and extravagant. He is not kind to his cousinFanny Price, the poor ward of his parents when she comes to live with the family. Once he had grown up, he is only interested in amusing himself and is careless and extravagant with money. As a result hisfather has to sell the living of the local parish to pay off his debts. This harms the prospects of his brother Edmund Bertram who was intended to become a clergyman and live off the tithes of the...