Memnon ou la sagesse humaine

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Tutor-marked Exercise 1

Workplace Diversity
Definition: According to the textbook, workplace diversity includes important human characteristics that influence an employee’s values, perceptions of self and others, behaviours, and interpretation of events around him or her. Diversity includes age, ethnicity and culture, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and mental andphysical capabilities.

Reference to human resource management: There is a major change in the Canadian labour market now, where the workforce is much more diverse than it used to be years ago. It is important for an organization to have a diverse workforce, it can allow them to grow internationally and be more competitive globally. But for human resources, this can pose a challenge, some employeesmight stereotype certain groups, there might be difficulties with “old boy’s network” or glass ceiling. Therefore, it is Human Resources’ role to manage diversity. There must be diversity management programs implemented, education of employees is a must including sensitization programs.

Example: Given the changing labour force, the federal government enacted the Employment Equity Act to ensurethat the federal government offer equal opportunities to the diverse workforce. The Canadian Human Rights Commission frequently audits government departments to assess compliance of the statutory requirements of the Act.

Knowledge Worker
Definition: A professional who applies his intellectual capacities to the acquisition, processing, management and communication of knowledge and information.Reference to human resource management: Over the last 25 years, technological advancement has increased the need for highly educated workers. With such a high demand, Human Resources must compete with other agencies and come up with incentives to recruit and to retain knowledge workers. Strategic planning is required to determine what will be anticipated vacancies of knowledge workerpositions. Human Resources must also consider if offering career management to current employees is more effective and/or cost efficient than trying to recruit knowledge workers from outside the organization.

Example: Years ago, the majority of public servants only had a secondary school education and never used a computer. Now, the majority of federal government positions require a post secondarydegree (preferably university) and must be proficient in using computer software.

Definition: An arrangement whereby employees are free to vary their starting and finishing hours within prescribed time limits, while working a specific amount of hours.

Reference to human resource management: Managing the Gen X and Y generation requires a huge shift in management. Work/Life balance isimportant in today’s society especially with changes to traditional family structures. Parents now want to be more involved in their children’s life. An organization having flex time, offers the flexibility to their employees to meet their home life responsibilities as well as their work life responsibilities.

Example: In my workplace, flexible hours allow managers to grant employees who areworking on a regular day basis, some measure of control over their work hours. Employees are required to work a full working day but may select the time they will start and end their day. The arrival period must be between 7 a.m and 9 a.m and may not vary from day to day. And the departure time must be between 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., depending on when the employee arrives and the duration of theirlunch period. The duration of the lunch period can be between 30 minutes to 90 minutes and must not vary from day to day.

Definition: A flexible work arrangement whereby employees have approval to carry out some or all of their work duties from a telework place. I.e. home, alternate business location, other city.

Reference to human resource management: In order to help...