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Careers in Accounting
Most people know that a career in accountancy means a career that has something to do with numbers. If you are someone that is interested in accountancy careers, of course youwant to know more about the prospects of a career. As with any other degree, you will want to know the kind of job you will be able to have, the amount of money you will make, and the opportunity foradvancement.
An accountant generally works in one of four major fields. One of these is a public accountant. People that work as public accountants work with several different clients on theiraccounting needs. You might work with these clients on your own as a consultant. Alternatively, you can work with a firm that provides accountancy services to the public. As a public accountant you willfocus primarily on tax functions and auditing. Should you excel in this position, you can advance to higher positions within a firm or open your own firm.
Another career prospect that you have inaccountancy is a private accountant. These kinds of accountants work with a corporation as a cost accountant or junior internal auditor. When you work as a private accountant for a corporation you canadvance through the corporation depending on the corporate structure in the accountancy department.
A government accountant is another career prospect that you may have with a career in accountancy. Withthis position, you work in a variety of government branches like the Internal Revenue Service or Department of Defense.
The fourth prospect for a career in accountancy is an internal auditor. In thisposition, you will be conducting audits to ensure compliance with accounting laws and working to make sure that accounting information systems are up to standard. The difference between an internalauditor and the other accounting professions is that you do not have to have a Certified Public Accountant designation.
The Pros and Cons of Accounting Professions
There are pros and cons to each...