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This document is from a novel entitled March. It was written by Geraldine Brooks and published in 2005. The scene takes place in the south of the UnitedStates. There are three characters: first Augustus Clement who is a middle-aged plantation owner, Mister March: the narrator, a young man from the north and MrClement’s slave named Grace.

The story is set in the nineteenth century. We know that Mr March is a traveller, I quote line 3 “ I had shaved by the riverthat morning before I’ve made my crossing” unquote.
When Mr March arrives in Mr Clement’s house first he meets Grace, she shows him the way to Mr Clement’sroom. He went to Mr Clement’s room for his toilet.
Mr March describes the house: it was perfect , exquisite and in proportion, there was precious materials suchas marble, glass and rosewood desk. For Mr March the library looked-like paradise.
Mr March wants to meet Mr Clement for his books but Mr March doesn’tsell his book but he batters them. Mr Clement is interest in one of Mr March’s books: It’s “The Lavater Physiognomy “. This book interest him because becauseit’s a later edition than his. Mr Clement is enthusiastic because Mr March has the same taste for books.
About Grace we know that she is a slave withresponsibility in the plantation but his work is not very difficult : quote “ Not hands that appears much accustomed to heavy cores “ unquote.

The secession war is theresult of a long time of conflicts between the north and the south of America. Southern lived in plantations and there was many slaves in the south.