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Value of the Network from RBV perspective…

Network definition at different level.
Network can be defined as a set of elements that interact each other. In general the lowest level ofaggregation is one resource (example the startegy of one individual that has to accomplish a task alone). An higher level of aggregation establish for example is an organization of resources interconnected. Thehighest level of aggregation might be a supply chain (in its more wide definition): in this case the strategy of a company to manage its resources will take in account the interactions with othercompanies inside the same supply chain. Alliances and Joint-Ventures among company belong to this strategy at the network or multicompany level.

Network relevance at different levels.
Whatever isthe level of network considered, the interactions among resources can be considered as one of the important elements to enrich the resource base and enhance the competitive advantage through rareness,inimitability, non-substitutability, social complexity,

A classification for example for network at supply chain level
Before to set strategy, it is necessary to classify the networks: bothelements and interactions.
In order to classify the elements of this network, it is useful to refer to the forces drawn by Porter around the firm: upstream (suppliers), downstream (buyers), side(complementors, competitors). Additional categories of actors in the cloud: society, political, university, …
In order to classify the interactions in the network, it is necessary to define the criteria.
Itmight be the focus of the interaction: for example, an alliance created to join effort in R&D, a partnership created to enter in a new market, …
It might be the timeline of interaction: forexample, rare or frequent, repetitive or occasional, …
It might be the slope of interaction: for example, with strong or weak or absent leadership
It might be the number of elements interacting in a...