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Nike was created in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phill Knight. But Nike Corporation was officially founded in 1972 (when they introduced the first line nike shoes) . It is an american companyspecialized in sportswear, sports equipment, athletic shoes, accessories and apparels.(ou this is a sportswear and sport equipement industry which products...) (Their logo is really famous, it’s the swoosh(actually it’s a coma .) and its slogan is known too : “ Just do it “
Nike has been the market leader in the sports industry since 1989 and succeeded in surpassing his competitors such as Adidas,Reebook ..
The headquaters of the company is located in Beaverton, Oregon.
Nike has many subsidiaries which are: Cole Haan (based in Yarmouth Maine), Converse Inc. specialized in shoes (in North Andover,Massachusetts), Hurley international a clothing company (in Costa Mesa, California) and Umbro, an textile industry in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, England.
The turnover in 2008 reached/was estimatedat 18,6 billions dollars, which represents a 2,3 billions dollars increase in comparison to 2007.
More than 30 000 people are employed by the company over the six continents.
The target customersare the athletes of any age, the people who likes sport and sportswear.
Nike wants to continue to develop new products for their athlets, because Nike has a mission based in two key words:inspiration and innovation . They want to develop products more elaborate, and superior for every athlete and use ........ methods to communicate with costumers..
The main weakness of the company is the factthat Nike has been critizised because of very bad working conditions in factories and production locations in Asia for example.. (violatioon of minimum wage for the employees, exploitation,children exploitation to make soccers in factories) That resulted in bad publicity and reputation.. and decrease/decline of sales..
The prices of its products are ... hight, more than its competitors...