Online video marketing

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Graduate Memoir

Online video marketing

Evolution and consequences of consumer behavior and communication technology on a global marketing tool

Sébastien Gilbert

Table of content

Introduction p.3

Part 1: Trends in consumer behaviors toward online videos. p.4

A. Consumer profile and video content p.5

B. Consumerbehavior toward online video advertisement. p.10

Part 2: Insights of the online video industry: key players and p.14
best practices

A. Actors of the online video industry p.15

B. Internet tools for VSEO p.18

C. VSEO best practices p.20

Part 3: Video as a global marketing tool p.24

A. Online video is hot new communication tool p.25

B. Futureevolution of online videos p.26

C. Video as a cross cultural tool p.28

Conclusion p.30

Annexes p.31


As the evolution of internet is growing very fast, new trends are coming almost every years on the web. Three years from now, in 2005, the web giant Google, number 1 visited website, number 1 search engine, bought the Start Up for1.65 BILLIONS dollars, betting that the future of the web would be about video. is today the number 1 website for online videos, broadcasting 100 millions videos a day.
For all the web specialists, 2008 is the year that saw "videos" hitting the web so massively that the phenomena can not be ignore anymore. While consumers are behaviorally ready to ask for online videos, more andmore Start Up offer the technology for the video to become a massive communication tool on the web. Marketers must be part of the evolution if they want to stay up to date with their consumer expectations.
In order to realize such a thing, marketing teams need to focus on several questions and find answers. This memoir will look at "online video marketing" in order to give these answers. My willwas to understand the following points: "What are the consumer habits and behavior toward nowadays online video ads?", and "How can we create an effective marketing campaign thanks to this new communication tool ?". These questions bring others like we will see further. Understanding a new technology is very stimulating but also lead to wishes and expectations for the future, that I hope willfulfill today frustrations.
We will discover in this memoir that consumer behavior toward online video is evolving very quickly, and this fact is easily understanding since videos are quite a new habit for internet users. It will be interesting to see that cultural habits such as watching more and more videos on the web might be the result of technology evolution. Indeed, one of the catalyst for thisnew trend is the democratization of fast speed broadband connection. But this fact is only one reason among others that we will discover in my first part, dealing with the evolution of consumer behavior toward online video ads.
Since a new technology is taking over some cultural habits, it becomes important for marketers not only to understand its consumers, but also to master this newtechnology in order to take from it as much benefit as they can. In this matter we will have a close look at today major actors of the online video industry. By understanding the way everything is linked, we will then continue our understanding of the new online video technology, by describing the best practices for reaching as much consumers as we could.
This "two sides" analysis of the market willfinally lead us to a third part, which will explain to us why online video is a global marketing tool that may be able to cross cultural differences thanks to its specific characteristics.

Part 1:

Trends in consumer behaviors toward online videos

A. Consumer profiles and contents

This part of the report will help us to understand who is watching online videos and what people are...