Peine de mort

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The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.

The death penalty should be abolished because it involves a heightened risk orerror. The risks of inaccurate judgment have been elevated because the death penalty has become a politicized issue. Judges and prosecutors are motivated to sentenceas many defendants to death as they possibly can to maintain a record of being “tough on crime.” Also, due to the high emotions surrounding murder cases, there isgreat pressure on law enforcement officials to solve homicides quickly. Such pressure may lead to misconduct by the investigators and prosecutors. In fact, it isthe case of a Chinese citizen who was sentenced to death in the 90’s for killing his wife who was found ten years after her husband execution. In addition, deathpenalty is more commonly used for black people than for whites. Thus, death penalty is also a discrimination problem.

Furthermore, death penalty isn’t asolution for social issues. In fact the only solution is prisons since they are kind of centers of rehabilitation where criminals could think about their mistakes,regret it and become more responsible.
Although some may say death penalty convince future murdrers or stealers, I believe that it only get things worse. In fact,in addition of being a “State commited crime”, death penalty denies the criminals’ natural born right to life, which is the third human fundamental right.
Takingeverything into account, death penalty should be abolished since it goes against human rights, religious or social belief and is commonly an unfair sentence.