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I choose to not follow the answer framework that you suggested. Personally, following this kind of process drives the way of thinking. What I am trying to argue is that my opinion, my experiences andideas will be biased if I decided to keep these answers. As you understood, I feel more comfortable and free by making my own structure. I made my point. Let’s go deeper now into the subject.Started when I was a little kid, I had always wanted to create something. Until a few years ago I couldn’t link this willingness of creation with anything concrete. I guess my studies helped me a lot toconcise my enthusiasm since I do now have a clear idea of what I am willing to develop in the next future, my company in the renewable energies’. But, to achieve this goal I need the commitment of peopleand to build a confident relationship.
Try to make a difference
Like said Randy Pusch: “what wisdom would you try to impart to the world if you knew it was your last chance?”, we should alwaysconsider this sentence as essential. Trying to choose the best opportunity and taking the best decisions for all the stakeholders is my leitmotiv. Few years ago, I thought that “to make a difference” Iwould have to swim against the flow, against the stream, and that I had to adopt a posture driven by contradiction rather than “Ok guys, what are our opportunities and what we can do?”. Becoming a selfmade man, being independent and making my own choices are three objectives to which I aspirate.
All entrepreneurs that I met share one thing in common that should be the essence of every worker andnot only the entrepreneurs: Passion. If you are passionate, you will be able to raise mountains. On the other hand, they don’t share one thing: their own and unique story about their life. They allshow me that if the environment is a source of threats, it can also be a source of opportunities. They all succeeded by turning around a threat or by catching one opportunity that was presented to...