Plan pour les retaites

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  • Publié le : 24 novembre 2010
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Since ten month, the government elaborate a bill for the pension plan. In French, in 10 years, there will not be any more money for to pay the retirement pension.The state representant find a solution for result a problem. But the French citizen do not agree with proposition of government. Since one month, the country is block bymovement of strike. In the first part, we can see a new pension plan of state, then in the second part Impact in eyes of Europe and for finish to conclude.

On one hand thelegal age of retirement, fixed today to 60 years will be gradually carried in 62 years in 2018. In certain case the hardness of an employment always allows to have the retirementhas 60 years. For more equality the rules of retirement between the public service and the private sector were improved. This pension plan was voted for senate the 22 October2010.

But for country of European union, the French people are lazybones. In effect, in European union, the average retirement is 62 years. The French are the countrywhich make most strike in European union. The employee French were beneficed of numerous advantage as the five week of holiday or the social security. Thus in European union,the citizen does not understand the French reaction. France is the laughing stock of union.

In my opinion, the pension plan of government is a good solution for result theproblem of money, but the country is Strongly got by the unemployment thus it will be difficult to decrease unemployed person's rate. On the European plan, every country hasto manage its conflicts according to custom of her population. But the law of strike knows numerous abuses, and the state has to react for avoid the drift.

Mathieu sébastien