Project management

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Company Name: Entreprise Dawaleh Construction
Address: Place du 27 juin, Djibouti. B.P : 1608
Phone: + 253 35 58 68 & 35 58 69
Fax : +253 35 09 71
E-mail :





TEL : 35 58 68 & 35 58 69 FAX : 35 09 71
B.P : 1608


Project Manager

Project manager is the key member of this program’s personnel; he will have permanent residency and office and conference room equipped with all modern data interpretation and information processingfacilities from initiation to termination of the project.

Since he is head of the project his responsibility is to formulate the master plan and approve aggregate plans of his superintendents and supervisors. He has also responsibility of staffing the project, building up his team work environment, monitoring work progress and forwarding daily reports to Dawaleh Construction enterprise headquarter in order to make very tight control over the project status.

Daily Activities Reporter

Responsibility of this worker is to stay in the project field whole the day and visit all work centers in order to make their daily assignments status report. This worker will be independent of all superintendents and supervisors. He will directly report to the project manager

Quality AssuranceEngineer

Employing advanced quality concepts, Core of our quality program is not just to do quality control but to also assure conformity and compliance of the outcomes from our construction, fabrication and installation operations to or with the all required American standards. Thus to do so, our quality assurance engineer will have full authority to approve or disqualify a particular supplieror materials purchased if he does not feal that they have no conformity to the required standards. This engineer will be brought from abroad and he must have deep insights and very strong experience in the implementation of quality assurance program. He will also be independent from any superintendent or supervisor authority and will report directly to the project manager


As seenin the organization chart, the project’s accountant is of the project’s manager staff, this accountant will have to maintain expenditures records (Book keeping activities) and make sure that expense have not to exceed over their allocated budgets. He will also time to time report the financial status of the project to the project’s manager.

Civil works superintendent

Since civil works willbe done by EDC personnel and equipments, EDC will employ competent and experienced civil engineer for only this program, responsibilities of this engineer is to formulate aggregate plans for all civil works, select from EDC equipments what he wants or rent others, deploy EDC workers or employ additional workers and at the last inspire and induce his technical skills into all his subordinates sothat they will always remain in limits of the standard civil engineering specifications

Masons Foreman

This foreman must be able to close gap between the engineer and masons, he must be able to read and interpret Civil engineering drawings. He will be responsible for dispatching of daily masons assignments among the masons, initiation of all purchase requisitions and, inspection and acceptanceof masons tools and materials

Carpenters Foreman

This foreman must be able to close gap between the engineer and carpenters, he must be also able to read and interpret Civil engineering drawings. He will be responsible for dispatching of daily carpenters assignments among the carpenters, initiation of all purchase requisitions and, inspection and acceptance of carpenters tools and...
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