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The Questionnaire

Date of birth          
Mobile number-------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------I live…
I am...          
1- What mobile do you currently use ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
2- How much are you willing to pay, at most, to purchase a new phone?
3- Do you regularly use mobile Internet services like browsing (WAP), e-mail, MMS or watching TV? Oui  Non

4- You call :  with a prepaid card  with a subscription

5- How often do you use your phone?

6-How often do you buy a new mobile phone?

7- Indicate the 3 activities you spend as much time off:
 Sport   Movies, concerts, shows  Reading Visit museums, exhibitions  Photography, video   Gardening
 Computer, multimedia, games    Nightlife  Fashion, shoppingA...