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This is the report of the meeting held November 9, 2010 at 2pm.

Mister Fillon the Prime minister introduced the meeting by presenting the different persons who were invited: Mr.Eric Woerth the minister of solidarity and work; Mrs. Laurence Parisot, the leader of the MEDEF; Mr. Thibault, in charge of CGT and Mr. Mailly, the trade unionist FO.

The topic of the meeting wasreminded: the discussion of the bill which tends to improve the pattern of pensions.

The objectives were briefly evoked. Indeed, due to the increase of life expectancy, the financial difficultieswhich must be born by seniors, even if they did not know unemployment during their active life and the incapacity of the French Republic to provide the pensions because of a high fiscal deficit, hedemonstrated the necessity to adopt it.
Mr. Fillon insisted that it is the duty of the government to help the seniors to reach their goals. A satisfying compromise was expected.

Then, Mr. Woerthannounced that the principal goal of this bill was equity. According to him, the problem would be solved by the increase of the legal minimum retirement age. This crux was explained by awaking memoriesof what the socialist government did in 1982.

However, Mr. Thibault pointed out the fact that french workers are already known to be among the more stressed. Moreover, Mr Fillon and Mr Woerth werewarned that the conditions required to retire would be the most drastic in Europe.

As for Mrs. Parisot, she agreed with the bill. The elongation of the duration of activity was claimed as anessential factor of growth and employment. By the way, her arguments were justified by the legal age of retirement adopted by other European countries. Poverty was considered as the principal risk if thisreform was not quickly voted.

To which Mr. Mailly replied that a huge illusion was illustrated in this bill. The withdrawal of the government was demanded. Furthermore, this demand was reaffirmed...