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Case 13 Study Questions
1. Identify the steps taken by Menton Bank to develop a stronger customer orientation in its retail branches.

Expand service hardware:
Redesign the bankinterior—teller counter and service desk near the entrance.
New ATM system
Automated telephone banking: computerized voice
Central customer service office: bank representative speaking, email communication, willbe expand service hour.
Website redesign, to be more user-friendly
RFID credit card

After they launched new financial products…..
Train existing staffs:
New training programs, new jobdescription and job titles: CAR, CSR.
---course: basic selling skills, relationship, needs, solution, overcoming objections

Incentive program and evaluation program for the performance of CSR.

2.Compare and contrast the jobs of CAR and CSR.
How important is each (a) to bank operations and (b) to customer satisfaction?

CAR holds more comprehensive skills than CSR. CAR has 15 hours trainingwhich related to basic selling skills, relationship, needs, solution, overcoming objections. CSR just has 2 hours training which related to needs, product benefit, objections and referring customer toCARs.
CAR take care selling financial product and generate main revenue for bank. They build customer relationship by superior communication skill. By serving existing customer well and attractnew customer.

CSR take care of the basic banking operation business generally. Rising and finding the interest and needs of other financial product of customer is important to them. After finishbasic operations, referring customer to CAR is need. Here is the main point for expanding banking business.

CAR deals with customer in the front line. The quality of service is very importantto the customer satisfaction.

CSR also is the frontline staff who serve customer, but limit in daily banking operation. The basic level of customer satisfaction is their responsibility.