Taser risks

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The taser has caused much controversy following different incidents caused by its use.

Different risks exist :

- Heart Risks

Some people argue the risks of cardiacarrhythmia. (troubles du rythme cardiaque)
But to create it, it takes a large electric shock (30 to 80 mA). However, the intensity created by the Taser is far less (2.1 mA).
If therewere cardiac arrhythmia, the death would be immediate. However people died after 2 minutes.

- Delirium risks (hyperarousal syndrome)

This syndrome begins with unrestleading to tachycardia and can lead to death.
Death is precipitated if people use drugs like cocaine.

- Other risks

One case of miscarriage was also detected after usingTaser on a pregnant woman. (Miscarriage is the loss of fetal or the baby)
There are also other risks such as superficial burns.

And some falls caused head damages.

According toAmnesty International (organization that defends human rights), 334 people died in the United States between 2001 and 2008 after being struck by a Taser. And 25 people died in Canadaduring the same period.

To appease the controversy, Taser International has tested the Taser on 100 000 volunteers, and there were no death.
But volunteers were ideal victimswho practiced sports and were healthy whereas those who died had a state of agitation and most of them were addicts.

- Incident/Event

There were several incidents/events, Iwould like to give you some examples :

Police uses a taser on a man in hypoglycemic shock, believing he was a potential threat.

In France, One student was hit several timesby the taser while she was neutralized on the floor.

A 56 years old woman in wheelchair dies after 10 shock.

(a person in a wheelchair is a person unable to walk by herself)