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During some of my previous experiences, I had the opportunuity to developpe some communication skills. So, I believe I have some strengths that allow me to say that I am a good communicator.

Myfirst experience starts at school, I became a class leader, a person who was in charge of dealing problems and sharing information with my classmates and the teachers. This role requested me to haveleadership skills along with communication skills. I spent most of my time to discipline the class at the same time maintain peace and order. If there was any conflict, I had to solve the problemdiplomatically, establish a trusty and friendly communication between students and teachers.
Recently, I have had another opportunuity to test my communication skill. I worked in a fast-food restaurant asmanager. I was in charge of about 20 people. In this position, some important skills are requested as leadership, excellent communication skills, outstanding customer service and time managementskills. I had to manage the restaurant, to make sure the restaurant made profit and at the same time dealt with employees. If there was any problem, I had to solve it, if there was any conflict with mystaff I had to find a solution, if there was a complain from the clients I had find a way to satisfy their demand, all of that can only possible with excellent communication skills.

We are all aware ofthe importance of communication in our daily as well professional endeavors. Having effective communication skills is considered to be one of the keys to leading a successful life. Generally, peoplelearn how to communicate during their early years and that learning gradually builds up with time and life experiences. However, effective communication in particular is not something that peoplenecessarily learn during the course of their lives. In my opinion, some do and some don’t, but this does not mean that those who don’t can never learn how to communicate effectively. Just as other...