War and football

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The essay we have here “War and football” published in the Washington post on January 6 2000 and written by Zbigniew Brzezinski who is an expert on politics and foreign affairs. This essay is mainlytalking about as it is said in the main title the similarities between American football and “real warfare” (p.132). In this essay we will analyze how the author makes those similarities by using alot of metaphors, parallelism and what is his feeling about it.
At the beginning of his essay the author is giving us his first thought and feeling before even knowing what football was really about “I thought the game was a bore” (p.132), explaining the fact that his vision was distorted because of that first impression. He start by asking obvious and rhetorical question about what is not trulythe game, but just by looking what the game is made of, meaning the players, their clothes… “why are all these men’s helmeted” ( p.132). It Is obvious that the author at the beginning had noknowledge about American football, however with his status as a former security advisor we can think that he was already analyzing this sport and relating it to real warfare. Although we can that he seemsinterested about it by asking informative question. Although we can see that after he had the chance to watch his first game the author “was hooked” (p.132) and that is because he instantly recognize thesimilarities between football and real warfare and made an analogy of it “it translates into sport all the main ingredients of real warfare” ( p.132)
In the second part of his essay the author usemultiple images and metaphor to relate American football to war in many ways.

He makes his comparisons and parallelism very clear by first explaining before each comparison the role of the twocompared characters, showing their common purpose “they make last minute tactical decisions” ( p.133), “they rely either on a concentration of power “ (p. 133), he shows that the field of battle Is...