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Antoine Lieutaud

Marc Laly

Ifzan Haseeb

Sidarth Balasundaram

Vishnu Varthan

Sandra So Jöng Huh

Web Advertising


Koen W. De Bock

Third Year 2010/2011


Introduction 3

I. The social media advertising 3
A. Facebook 3
B. Netlog 4
C. Viral marketing 4

II. Advertising targetting 5
A. Individual Based techniques  5
B. ExternalTechniques  5

III. Search engine marketing 6

IV. Natural Listing Optimization 7
A. Optimization through google Crawling Indexing  8
B. On-Page Optimization  8

V. Pay per click ‘PPC’(Paid listing) 8

VI. The ebay store 9

VII. Banner ads 9

Conclusion 10


Webadi is a company that provide graffiti creation for other businesses. It has a studio located in Villeneuved’Asq. Webadi also sell few bikes and would like to start to sell t-shirt that are related to bikes and graffiti.

When we ask the owner of webadi if he was interested by our services he told us to fix two points:

-increase webadi’s visibility on the web,especially for bikes and t-shirts

-get the possibility to sell bikes and t-shirts online

Before we worked for Webadi it has one websiteand one facebook page.

The Social Media Advertising

A recent survey showed that college students would rather give up their best friend for 30 days than their social networking sites. This result shows that social networking sites have become an important part of our lives where people spend significant hours every day to connect to their friends and make influence on the society theybelong. These sites first began as a way to keep in touch with classmates, friends and families. However, the evolution began when people started to use these sites as a tool to share what they are interested, promote their ideas and more importantly, advertise their business.


Taking this into account, we decided to choose Facebook, the number one social networking media in theworld, to promote our business. Our goal of this advertisement was to generate not only high but also stable traffic of people to come to our website, thus increase our brand awareness. Later, these people would find our website interesting and keep coming back to check for updates.

First, we created an advertisement on Facebook, which will lead the customers to the official website of ourbusiness. We decided that pay-per-click method was as a payment method, because simply appearing on people’s pages would not guarantee that they have also clicked on our advertisement, made visit to our website and learn about our products.

Next, to become efficient with our advertisement, it was important for us to appear on the page of potential customers who are more likely to click onour website and actually make a transaction, in other words buying our products or making deals with our business. Using the Facebook advertisement filtering system, we narrowed down our target audience by specifying the location to Lille, the city where our business is based and operates. Then, we predicted the interests, hobbies, and lifestyle of our target customer and filtered our audience bydesignating certain keywords such as “fixie bikes”, “street arts”, “street fashion” and “graffiti”. As a result, our ads will appear on people’s pages that listed our keywords as their interests. By doing this, it was easy for us to reach the demographic that our business is targeting, thus increasing the efficiency of our ads.

Last but not least, we promoted a Facebook page that wasalready existed by suggesting it to friends. Facebook page was a fascinating idea not only because it is free but also because it is highly reciprocal. People could post interesting articles on the page and they could exchange their opinions about it. When we know that our voices are heard, we are satisfied that we are making an influence to the society surrounding us; the page is no longer an...