Achille ulysse

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Maeva: Okey , so Hello everybody and welcome to our meeting. Let me explain you the situation,My name is Ashley Wood i'm an houswive as a lot of women who are in this room, and i live in a peaceful neighbourhood of San Diego with my husband and my four chilidren.I'm very involved in the life of our community , and well known of every body here.But since a lot of mexicans immigrants have come here in our town illegally ,all the social organization has been disturbed And That's why i've decided to create an association wich might help us to understand those people and to fight against all the bad things they've brought here...For exemple the increase of crimes and drugs traffiking...

Gwendo: hello everybody ,i'm very proud to see you at our meeting;i'm Brook cohen and i'm mrs wood's neighbour.So today we've got the chance to welcome Roberta Suarez who came illegally here, we've managed to convince her to come here in the aim of explain us her situation,her living conditions ,and why does she came in San Diego.

Maeva:So please, i just want to tell you that nobody is here to judge mrs suarez , she is very couragous to come and tell us, she is not the first responsible of our unsaffety so please try to be mature and a little bit compassionate.

Gwendo: How could i be compassionate?! please Ashley you've created this association try to be logical,her community is briing us into horror, blood crimes, bad exemple for our children, i'm afraid to go shopping and take my car now! they're are able to do a lot of things they're immigrants! they're mexicans! please people open your eyes!!!!!

Maeva: Dear neighboor i'm begging you please could you be a little bit more respectful towards her? she 's not the first who came here and not the last! she may become a mediator beetween us americans citizen and her community , maybe thanks to her we'll reduce the increase of roberries ,she might help us to understand mexican people who live in San Diego.

Gwendo:i don't

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