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MKT3834 Internet Advertising (2, 2010)
Group Project: Viral Video Experiment

The project is worth 15% of the total mark.

The guideline of the project is as follows:

1. Forma group of 2 to 6 members.
2. Select a brand/product/service to create a Viral Video Project.
3. Create a viral video based on the lecture/discussion on Viral Videos
4. The membersthemselves may appear as actors in the video, or you may use your friends from other classes if you want. Or, you may not have any actors at all, as long as you can think of a really good idea that peoplewill make people want to share your video on Facebook/Youtube
5. The Viral Video must have even just a positive subtle link to your product/service and key message. It doesn’t need to be a veryclear link, but still, there must be a link.
6. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your product/service, and LINK the Facebook Fan Page to your Viral Video on Youtube.
7. Also “embed” the Youtubevideo onto your Facebook Fan Page.
8. Beg all your friends to watch your video on Youtube and click “like” and to share it with their other friends, and to also “like” your Facebook Fan Page. Ifyour viral video is great, then this trend will continue and spread! (your friends will share with others, and it will “go viral”).
9. For your protection, put this message at the descriptionportion of your Youtube video (especially if you use other people’s copyright/music/etc): “This video is done as part of our Viral Video Project for our Internet Advertising class at ABAC for researchand study purposes only and not for profit. We do not own the copyrights to the music and/or logos and we are not connected to the companies/products herein. We follow Article 32 (1) of the ThailandCopyright Law, B.E. 2537 (1994).”

Groups will be compared to the other groups in class and graded on the following points:
1. Number of TOTAL VIEWS of the video between the 8th and 13th week of...
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