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How to free up the roads in Reunion Island


• Laëtitia: The presenter

• Stephan: The scientist

• Mike: Government agent



Laëtitia: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our broadcast. Tonight, we are going to talk about how to free up the roads in Reunion. This problem concerns every one of us. Every day we get stuck in traffic jams, when going to work or even when taking our children to school. Tonight we have Dr. Stephan, a researcher from the University of Reunion, to present us some possible solutions to the issue.

Stephan: Good evening and thank you Laëtitia. I am part of a research team from our University. My team and I have recently talked about the matter of traffic congestion. As you know, traffic jams make us lose many resources. Economically, it is a waste in terms of fuel and time. Also, it is a major cause of stress and of pollution… Many solutions exist and countries worldwide are putting big money to try to minimize the problem.

Laëtitia: Dr. Stephan, what are the causes of traffic jams?

Stephan: Following a report from the Tokyo conference, on traffic jams which was held last month, the experts concluded that traffic jams are generated by small events, for example, if a driver suddenly brakes, this can cause a major slow down behind him, and ultimately result into a traffic jam.

Laëtitia: What is the situation at this moment in Reunion?

Stephan: So, the main problem in Reunion is that there are too many cars per household and that the road network doesn’t suit the number of cars.

Laëtitia: Tonight we also have Mr. Mike, a representative of the Transports & Equipment Division from our Government. Welcome Mr. Mike, what do you think about what Dr. Stephan just said?

Mike: Good evening. I’d like to thank you for inviting me tonight. Well, concerning what was said, it is true that there are many cars in

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