Routes belge

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[pic] Belgium took the wrong road

In belgium the road had been daminging for four/five years more and more. they have been ranked tenth among the world's most dangerousTh wrong roads cause in Belgium an average of 1000 accidents per year. Provinces of Hainaut, Liège , Flandre Orientale and Occidental are the most dangerous. The biggest problems are the potholes,cracking and chipping.

But why is specific in our country. The Belgian roads are very busy and popular. It’s a importante crossroad in the Europe. Moreover , the roads are free soo the commercials trucks using the highways. The causes are also political and financial. The various political authorities bickered fault and promises of funding from the Department doesn’t materialized.

For ten years, traffic has increased by 18% while the population increased by only 3%. The Belgians make longer trips. The distances to get to work or school are constantly increasing. An increase in traffic is an increase in road damage. Belgian roads are maintained with the taxes that pay for the Belgians. So people should pay more taxes 6 times to travel. it isn’t the solution mentioned at this time. Politicians talk a sticker for commercial trucks in transit through Belgium.

The problem is that the political situation in Belgium is paralyzing the country and politics. Pending a solution Belgian citizens are paying the high prices with accidents, damage to the bodywork, bumpers, ect The National Association of Insurance has decided to increase insurance for cars.

Driver and motorcycle associations organize events to fight against the absence of response from politics.
For exemple the actions about “les samourais de la route” . It’is a association of motocycle’s driver wich is part my

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