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Taha yassine

A new mother have a baby of 10 months and the mother have 18 years old.The mother and his baby shecome from Amsterdam.His husband are in Amsterdam becausde he found a new love.And the mother and his baby are in the USA because , She fought with his husband.Now the mother are in Los Angeles in afriend house with his baby ,
She want to find something enjoying to forgot the fought with his husband.She stay 1 months in his friend house but his friend soy to her she can´t stay in his house.TheNew mother travel his baby to Miami to his father house wen she go to the beach one
Day she found attraction.And the mother said to him that tape-worm a baby and that even was not Divorcée .The mansaid to him that have to choose that if she want to
Continue with his husband or with him.The mother the next day write a letter to his husband saying if he want to come to speak about the matter ofthe baby.Two months
they happened and his husband return with a new woman.When the mother say him ,she want the divorce immeditly .And his husband divorce it .When his ex-husband go out .The mothergo to the man That it saw in the beach and she took to him the whole history.The man ask if she want to be his husband and the new mother say yes.
His husband buy to her a big house near to the beach.And evry day the partners and the bay go to see the sunset because it in this moment when they were known.When the baby become a children the mother want to tell the truth to the child but hishusband he can´t tell him the truth.One day when the mother go to the supermarket with his children,she say the father of the children and the father say him.The father come to see the children but themother take the children and she go to the car.And the mother return to speak with his Ex-husband and she said if he see him that should never return to approach to his sun because still it he does not...
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