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Billy was very surprised of that, he asked to the landlady:
« - Why isn’t there anyone who want to sleep in this house?
-It’s a good idea to go in a congenial and a cheaper house, why is there only young person who is going in your house?
-How old are you?
-When I’ve come in front of your door, you were just behind it, why? How did you know I arrived?
-Did you wait me 3 years? What happened to the other guys?”
The sweet landlady serene stood up and told Billy to go upstairs to see something,
As he was a decent person, he accepted and he followed her even if he didn’t know why.
She walked slowly. Suddenly, Lights switched off, it was dark, a strange moment.
She said smiling: “-It’s nothing, I am going to find a candle!”
Billy found oneself alone in the living room which seemed to enlarge in darkness.
Above his head, the sound emanated of the squeaky stairs as the landlady went downstairs, it gave him chills in his back.
Billy tried to set him in the room looking the street’s light, but he didn’t, because the shutters were closed.
Sudden a hand touched his shoulder, scared, he briskly went back to see whom it was. It was just the landlady who was holding a candle in her right hand. He was only able to make a grimace.
They waited that electricity went back in the house, after 3 hours in the living room to speak each other, Billy said:
“-Great, lights on, is this problem arrives often? “
The landlady replied that it had only happened that night. The man thanked her and said:
”-I’m going to sleep because I’ve got a strong day, good

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