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The climb

A mystery stories

Costas lives on an island near Greece , he loves climbing but
he has never climbed Eagle’s Rock one of the moste dangerous cliff.
One day, a strange mancalled Holland arrives on an island. He is to do a
secret job for a men Mr Vitalis. Holland is to stay at a small holiday villa owned by
Mr Kazakou the father of Costas.
Mr Holland arrives at MrKazakou’s villa. He introduces
himself as a writer who is to stay there for fifteen days. Yet
Costas feels that Mr Holland looks particularly familiar to
One day , costas was in the father’sshop (library), he saw a man at the café opposite
the shop who is no other than Mr Holland. They have a drink and talk for
a while. Mr Vitalis goes away leaving his newspaper
behind. Mr Hollandtake the newspaper and leaves. In
Chapter 4, Costas day-dreams of climbing Eagle’s Rock
when he notices that Mr Holland is looking at the steep
cliff through his binoculars and especially at MrVitalis’s
house. Costas tells Eleni what he saw as they look at some
books on climbing. Suddenly Costas realises why Mr
Holland looked so familiar: he is no other than the very
writer of his books,David Ashken, the famous climber
who had a terrible accident in Austria and was now too
frightened to keep climbing. Costas second-guesses that
Ashken is the only man who could possibly climb up andbreak into Mr Vitalis’s house, and steal the paintings. But
he couldn’t allow this because Eagle’s Rock was his!
Chapters 5–6: In Chapter 5, Ashken is in two minds.
He is to steal the paintings –not for himself, but for Mr
Vitalis! Months ago, he met Mr Vitalis in London when
he was working as a bar tender. Mr Vitalis recognised
him and wanted to set up an insurance fraud together
withAshken. David was the only man who could climb
up Eagle’s Rock, burgle into his house and steal the
paintings. Then Mr Vitalis could get the insurance money
and re-sell the paintings as well. This...
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