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Pages: 13 (3153 mots) Publié le: 23 mai 2010
Très bonne guitare et bon qualité/prix.
Qualités : Avec son manche en (je ne sais plus quoi désolé), les déboulades sont très simples et à l'aise. Pour jouer du métal, c'est top, les 2 doubles micros sont de B.C rich quand même !
Défaut(s) : Si vous voulez jouer métal/rock gentil en son clair, je vous conseille une épiphone, car la B.C rich, avec ses doubles micros fais pour le métal, donnetoujours ce petit "crnchhh" en son clair. Voila juste un défaut.
Bon grattage a tous !

TEXT_OF_5_STARS par Johan pierre (Date d'ajout : mardi 09 juin, 2009)
J'ai acheter cette guitare pour débuter et franchement je ne regrette pas ! Encore plus belle en vrais, elle est faite pour le métal, moi qui cherchais du gros son de bourrin, j'ai trouver mon bonheur !!!
TEXT_OF_5_STARS par Ludovic flor(Date d'ajout : jeudi 05 février, 2009)
Très belle guitare, Bonne livraison. La guitare est P.A.R.F.A.I.T.E

TEXT_OF_5_STARS par Anthony Germe (Date d'ajout : vendredi 12 juin, 2009)
Tres polyvalente mais les cordes insérées d'origine sont vraiment pas adaptées pour un quelconque morceau et à ce propos l'une des corde était déjà retirée
TEXT_OF_5_STARS par Victor Poiret (Date d'ajout :vendredi 12 décembre, 2008)
Super guitare pour ceux qui fonts de la guitare depuis environ 1 ou 2 ans je ne l'ai pas encore mais je l'ai essayée et je vais bientot l'avooir et je vous dit:
I've heard many people complain about the BDSM stock tuners that come with this axe. I tell them to stop being so picky. Does it sound like Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio? Of course not. Doesit get the job done? NO! It completely surpasses getting the job done. Stock pickups are fine for me on this Warlock.
This guitar has lasted me for almost 2 years. If someone stole it, I would track him down and shove the pointy headstock straight up his ass for attempted theft. I will buy more guitars in the future, but for now I have 2. The Warlock is my primary weapon of choiceright now and will be for mnay years to come. You will not be disappointed. BUY THIS TODAY!
Ease of Use:
It is so easy to play this guitar. Some people say it is for beginners. Look at Kerry King from Slayer. He's been playing the Warlock for 20+ years. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think he's a beginner. This guitar is heavy so deal with it (the heaviness gives it better sustain).awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by DR.OCTAGONPUS from a place on Mar 6, 2010
Experience w/product: I own it
Reviewer's Background: intermediate
Reviewer's Play Style: metal of all kinds
its just great the pups r better than i expected i did have a lil fretbuzz 8-15 but i fixed that real good. the bridge is wat i think is most awesome very versatile the body art is killer. VERY GOOD GUITAR!!!!!!
Posted by Slipknot #1 from Rohnert Park, CA on Jan 27, 2010
Experience w/product: I own it
Reviewer's Background: Musician-in-training
Reviewer's Play Style: Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Rock
This is the first guitar I have ever owned, and I am proud to say that after 15 months, I would have it no other way!!! The headstock and finish are totally (sic)(as you may have guessed, I ama Slipknot fanatic)!!! And it has a sound to match! All in all, it will be my favorite guitar my whole life and I will never sell for ANY REASON!!!
Killer Guitar
Posted by One-Winged Angel from Kentucky on Jan 6, 2010
Experience w/product: I have used it
Reviewer's Background: Active Musician
Reviewer's Play Style: Anything (except Rap, Hip-hop, and R&B)
I ordered this guitar last year andfell in love with it the second I got it! Not only does it look awsome, but it was great for playing. This guitar mixed with a good distortion makes for a beast! The clean sounded was pretty good as well, also the pick-ups that it came with had a pretty decent sound on there own. I'm actually going to have to re-order it though, due to the fact that mine got stolen!:( Keep your guitars under...
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