Bel ami. critiques

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   | | Welcome to Rob Felicetta's Page!This project is due Friday 12/8/2006 - All Final Updates will be created by this date This page is designed as a project for InternationalStudies: Processes, Themes and Issues.  The focus of this page will be to take a brief look at segments of globalization, suggest other resources, and present my research project for the class, ananalysis of Japan in today's world. The page will briefly suggest the effects of globalization on the individual, business, a country, and the world.  The pages to follow will provide analysis from my ownexperience in class drawing on readings and experiences through discussion.  Further reading links are provided for other sources I have looked at in further exploration.  Click here to view a list ofcourse material from the Syllabus that have helped shape these opinions and ideas.     Globalization: What is it and why does it matter? |
 Globalization is defined differently depending on whatsource you consult.  Some would define globalization as the extension into other countries, other cultures, and other segments of the world for various reasons.  In The World Is Flat: A Brief History ofthe Twenty-First Century, a good on globalization in today's world, Thomas Friedman defines globalization as "the flattening of the world" in the spirit of the idea that the globalize world becomesan atmosphere where everyone can compete fairly due to interconnectedness.  Others argue that globalization removes the cultural elements which distinguish one society from another because larger morepowerful countries use their power and influence to operate in smaller, poorer countries, at a lesser price for a larger gain.   No matter how one defines globalization, the interconnectedness of theworld is not slowing down.  With rapid advance in telecommunications, the fiber network in the United States, and advances in travel, a country/company/individual can no longer be successful outside...
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