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That’s it! I just landing in the new airport of my new country! What excitement through my entire body, I am finally free, freedom with a big F.
I know nothing of my new adopted country, justlanguage, English, which is not a problem for me and my family, because we are expatriates of Arkansas.
But this new country to go to reserve good surprises.
Already during the flight, when flying thisnew country, in fact, born in this country just two weeks ago, I could not believe what I saw. It was pink, not a fuchsia pink or candy pink or pink pill but pink cotton candy.
The clouds were pink,the grass was pink, everything was rosy.
But what I saw leaving the airport, cut me breathing. The people of this country were ... ... rabbits. No rabbits that have seen at the farm, but human-sizedrabbits with pink hair. The same rabbits as Duracell.
The movements were similar to those of humans, but it was rabbits. They were standing, drove cars, sang, and laughed.
Even before departure, Icould doubt something; the capital of this new country was Saint-Grouin-les-lapinou.
My family and I, we were very concerned, but a man, uh I mean a rabbit, which represents the airline, came to helpus.
The driver asked me my destination, and I replied I am going to the Bunny Palace hotel, another element that could put me to chip in the ear.
On the way, through the windows of the bus I observed,these new landscape for my mind.
I felt like in a fairy tale for children.
Arriving at the hotel, fear of the unknown was beginning to fade. There were in the hotel, other people, like me. Theytold me that they too waited to find a house in the outskirts of the capital to move indefinitely.
But the real estate market had increased by 4 in one week.
Some told me that he had become very hardto find accommodation, but me I'm naive I thought that the money I saved that I could quickly find adequate housing.
But after ten days of finding housing, I made a discovery that my blood ice.
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