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Would you get up every three hours in the night to swallow a handful of pills, eat a meal and drink a protein shake? Is Bodybuilding a sport ?Good morning Mrs Robitaille and fellow classmates this question is one of the most debated in sports today. I will let you judge on your . When you enter a gym on a Monday night the gym is cracking with Mr everybody and Mrs. everybody. Now go to the gym on every other day of the week and you will notice only a few are there every day. Then go in the clubs of your town and notice how many of them are actually drinking and eating McDonalds after their training or later in the night when they are clubbing. The ones you saw at the gym but didn’t see at the bar or at McDonalds are most likely to be bodybuilders. Bodybuilders are people who live for building muscles while keeping the less body fat possible. Every aspect of their life turns around muscle. The way they eat the way they plan their schedule. Whenever they go out they bring a lunchbox so they can eat something every 3 hours.

Jay cutler is one of the most famous bodybuilder still competing today. The most famous off all times based on my knowledge of the industry is the one and only Terminator yes Arnold the Governor Schwarzenegger. Jay cutler is currently the holder of the title of Mr Olympia. Which is the prestigious award in bodybuilding. He wakes up at 6 am and eats his biggest meal of the day which usually consists of 10 egg whites and 3 whole eggs, 3 bottles of water and 4 slices of whole bread. Sometimes replacing the bread for oatmeal. He eats about 5 pounds of orange roughy a day, which is fish. He'd eat about 100 egg whites a week. He eats 12 ounces of beef every day. one-week supply of fish and meat usually adds up to 55 pounds. 2 days per week he will train twice a day once in the morning and the other time in the afternoon. When he is not training or eating he is either at the tanning salon if there is a competition up ahead or he is taking care of his

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