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A brand audit consists on the examination of a brand in detail, in the order to check brand equity and the sources of this one. It involved an analysis/review of the brand identity and in the way that it is promote through the brand communication and also of the interactions with the customers. In others words, a brand audit it is a kind of evaluation competing brands in themarket.

A brand audit systematically focuses the company’s brand on different points.
For example:
Image of the company: documents, proposals, advertising, Web sites…
Employees’ thought
Customer’s believes

Here, we are going to realize the brand audit of a famous English company:

I. Brand audit of the brand: British Airways

There are many elements to be taking in considerationin a brand audit.
In the evaluation of British Airways, we are going to talk about a checklist of six elements:

The personality
It allows describing by brand management in the aim that all employees and suppliers can express and contribute to that personality.
The major elements that contribute to identify the brand are listed below.
Name: British Airways
Activity: company plane.
Logo:Slogan: The World's Favourite Airline – To fly. To serve – We’ll take more care of you.
Advertising music: Flower Duet, Howard Blake.
Media: web site : « Welcome, we sell advertising opportunities”
Publicity: «Dreams»; « World face », « Manhattan », « Bird », « Desert », « baby », « Johnny Foreigner ».

The internals elements

These elements are in rapport withthe internal structure and decisions that support the brand.
It is divided into two parts: one is the brand structure and the other one is the management structure.
Brand Structure/architecture: It allows to a company that posses not only one brand to organize it into a hierarchy. It exist several structure like Megabrands, brand families, stand, brand extensions or also nomenclature. BritishAirways stands alone a brand. It represents a monolithic architecture system, because the corporate name of the brand is used on all products and services offered by the company.

Brand Management: It involves managing the tangible and intangible aspects of the brand.

Organization: It is important to assess the functions of different internal departments in
establishing and maintaining brandintegrity. Often the organization is not organized or
equipped to manage brands most effectively. Once effectiveness is measured, it is up to
corporate management to determine brand management structure.

Privacy policy:

Carbon trading works by setting an upper limit on carbon emissions across the whole economy.
All companies are given an emissions allowance - a fixed amount that they areallowed to emit. If a company's emissions exceed their allowance, they have three options:

Policy: Are there internal policies that prevent the brand from achieving the goals set
for it? Have limitations been imposed that are detrimental to the branding process? Is
the brand in compliance with all regulations, external as well as internal? If conflicts
arise, how can they be arbitrated?The customer service: British Airways ‘customers satisfaction is monitored by a comprehensive and detailed ongoing survey, the Global Performance Monitor, which measures reaction to all the aspects of its services throughout the journey experience that are important to customers. The survey was tested extensively with customers.
Over 570,000 people completed the on-board survey, anaverage of over 48,000 per month; many people provide valuable background information.
The survey covered 8 cabins and 5 franchises
Across over 200 routes
Responses from people of 205 different nationalities

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Budget: Have adequate funds been earmarked for the establishment and marketing of
your brand? Is there any flexibility or contingency if...
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