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How does the british press treat celebrities compared to France ?

All around the world, the most important part of the readers of the press people are women.
In England or in France, people likethe private life of celebrities. They care about their love stories, why they are sad, what they are doing during holidays. Every information about celebrities and their personal life can be a goodelement to interess journalists.
In France Press people is generally composed of weekly mafazines and in England we talk about “tabloid” to indicate press people. The pictures are taken by paparazziwho are unscrupulous. They only want a scoop.
In France, the biggest magazines are for example : Voici, Paris Match, Closer… and in England they have Daily Mirror, Daily Star, the People.
First, wetalk about british press then we move on to press people in France.

Now let’s move on the press people in France.
Let me introduce 3 differents celebrities: Lilly Allen and Kate Moss, the britishones and Carla Sarkozy the French one.

Kate Moss is a model who is famous because of her decadence. She has a love story with the musician Pete Doherty and French magazines use her private life tomake the frontpage of the magazine.
Since 2005, she is everywhere and the tabloids take pleasure in doing Kate Moss as a perfect icon of the drug addict. She is every time representing with alcoholor cigarets.
A british magazine, the Daily Mirror has published a photo from a video made with a cellphone and we can see Kate Moss who is sniffing cocaine. She breaks definitively her image. InFrance, Voici will use the cliché to make the cover.
In this case, Voici steals , in a certain way the pictures to make his own success in France.
( you can see some pictures of Kate Moss in differentsmagazines.

Now let’s talk about Lilly Allen. She is a british singer and is not also interesting as Kate Moss because she is just a singer who changes a hair color sometimes. However, in 2008, we...
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