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CASULO project

Nathalie Holdry
Jean Davezac
Donatien Ferrari
Grégoire Wantz

Title pages
Title page

Chapter 1
Executive summary

Chapter 2
Problems & business opportunities
Product or service GREG
The unique selling point GREG
Industry and market analysis ANTOINE
Competitors analysis ANTOINEBusiness model JEAN
Sales & marketing strategy JEAN
Management team GREG
Funding requirement and financial plan DONATIEN
Key issues & risk assessment DONATIEN
Action plan & milestones

Chapter 3 - appendices
Call for Tender Bids NATHALIE
Key figures about students in Paris
Rental prices in Paris
Student concentration areas
Pricing table-------------------------------------------------

Chapter 1

Executive summary


Chapter 2


As former students we all experienced the situation to go abroad and not being able to take all our furniture with us. We were forced to either rent a furnished apartment or to rent a non-furnished one, but after to buy furniture.

After a while, when we weresupposed to come back to where we are from, we were usually compelled to give our furniture away because re-selling them was not that easy in a short time period.

But you will tell me: “why not choose an already-furnished apartment then?” Well, for the obvious reason that furnished apartments are a lot more expensive than those without furniture. And an other negative point in renting a furnishedflat, is that those furniture can very well not be appropriate to your needs, or be out of date, or simply not be as you wished they were.

Thinking about it we identified a need. The need for students to rent a cheap apartment without worrying about furniture, by offering them an “all-in-one” solution of trendy, functional, space-saving furniture set at an affordable price.

The Casuloall-in-one furniture package concept for students was born …

Business objectives

Short term: build product awareness (buzz) and develop partnerships
Medium term: develop sales and maybe open a showroom
Long term: create barrier to prevent competition

The problem and business opportunities

Problem recognition

One of the main problems we faced was to target the right segment. We firstthough that students and professionals could both are our targets. The first ones for the reasons precised below. We also first targeted professionals who travel a lot and need to frequently live in different apartments throughout the world. But unfortunately for us companies either not send them anymore, or pay for hotel rooms rather than taking care of a flat rental.

That is the reason why wefinally focused on students.

Another main problem is that we don’t have the facility to build the products, because we are just starting up the business and creating a whole factory is very expensive. So we will have to outsource the production. To solve it we have to find a contractor that is able to produce very different items.

To overtake this problem we decided to send out a tender bid(Cf. appendix…) to Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Eastern European and South American countries.
Business opportunities

A major opportunity for us is the housing problem in big western cities: there is not enough housing proposition so students have to find solutions, including rental of a non-furnished flat. Therefore our product is the typical solution in such a situation.

After a marketsurvey we arrived to the conclusion that no one was offering such an “all-in-one” service.

The average time of studies is getting always longer; studies are more expensive one year after the other

Product or service
We used to ask ourselves the question whether we offer a service or a product. The main difficulty for choosing to offer a service was the fact that once the user built up his...
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