Comparison between nwefoudland english spoken and prairies' english spoken

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| Newfoundland's variety | Prairies variety |
Historical origines important historical events that may intigated these movements or impiged in a significant way | Firstvisitors: Irish monks (6th century) and Vikings (1000 years ago established at l'Anse aux Meadows) 1583: First settlers from several countries:First: Hte Basques, and after: Brittany (France),southwest England, Ireland, Scotchland, Basque provinces, Portugal, maybe Scandinavia. They were there because Newfondland was a fish-processing station for cod fishermen. Official discovery by Caboto in1497. By 1600, english and French were chiefs rivals for Newfoundla In 1713 and 1783, the latter marking the armistice ending the American Revolution, recognize British sovereignty but grantedFrench fishermen the right to land and dry their catches along portions of northern and western coasts. 17th century: for 150 years, the settlement was prohibited to maintain the cod fishery.19th century, many Irish, settlers from English southern counties and channel Islands (France) poured in NFLD. The annual seal hunt and the Labrador fishery braing many Newfoundlanders togheterexerted the most generalising effect on the various dialects Earliest part to be settled by English speakers | Both of the three names of the prairies provinces becoming from the Cree language.The other is coming from a queen's daughter's name. Maintoba conatins the largest diversity of ethnic origins First, independant tribes roame dthe southern Canadian Pairies (10 00 years ago)1610 first expedition from England1670 HBC settlment 1812 british agricultural settlement Early 19th century, Metis communities establsehed themselves as hunters and provisionners from theNorth West company late 1700: French voyageurs settle arounf the Red River. Metis became from them 1870 creation of the first western province, 1905, Alberta and Saskatchewan created. |...
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