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Part 1. : Why the wearing of a uniform? a) Global description
The school uniform is worn in the primary schools and secondary schools in many countries. There are also uniforms worn by students in vocational schools, such as medical practices at work.
Traditionally, school uniforms are neat and professional. The uniforms of boys are generally composed of dark trousers, or often in a short pants or shorts (see high school students in the photograph right), associated with light-colored shirt and tie, which was added a jacket cold weather.
The uniforms for girls can be composed of a tie, a skirt or a kilt, and a blouse. The fact that there are different outfits for girls and boys are sometimes subject to debate we will observe that in another part after that during the debate precisly, and some schools allow girls to choose between skirt and pants. In some countries, a blazer or suit jacket may be part of the uniform. Management regulations related to uniforms is an important task.
In continental Europe, the uniform is not worn in public. However, private institutions may require the wearing of uniform or at least observe a strict dress code. This is not the case in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where the majority of public schools require uniforms.
b) The typical uniform of a British pupil
The school uniform is very common in the United Kingdom. Virtually all public and private schools have uniforms, or at least a strict dress code. The uniform is worn for 4 to 16 years in most schools, students 16 to 18 must also wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code, but the regulation is sometimes relaxed. It's more the case when the school is attached to a school when it is independent. Universities do not generally uniform.
98% of public secondary schools require uniforms, as well as 79% of primary schools. [9]
Example of a uniform high school:
School blazer;
White or blue shirt;
School tie;
Trousers or skirt, black or navy;
Gray socks, white, navy or

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