Consommation des ménages et croissance économique

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Lourdes is knocking at her mother’s home. Her mother is opening the door.
Her Mother: Hello darling! It makes me feel good to see you.
Lourdes: Me too! I come to take some news about you, so how are you?
Her Mother: Oh you are cute! I’m fine thank you and you?
Lourdes: Fine too. But we must speak. I have something’s to tell you but it’s delicate. Please understand me.
Her Mother: What’s your problem? You frighten me. Please speak!
Lourdes: I leave to United States of America.
Her Mother: What? I Think I haven’t understood…
Lourdes: First, calm down! I will explain you the situation, but promises me to accept my decision.
Her Mother: I will try but tell me the story. I need to understand.
Lourdes: So, you know I need money. Here I’m not happy, because I’m poor. And I think leaving Honduras can be the best thing for my children’s future.
Her Mother: But, but, what about your children? I hope they come with you…
Lourdes: No, it’s not a good idea. At the beginning, I would be in the street, so the beginning of my life in USA will be too hard for them. That’s why they will stay here.
Her Mother: Are you crazy? Have you thinking at their feelings? They will miss you too much. You are not fit to be a mother!
Lourdes: You can thinking what you want, but I will be not fit to be a mother if I bring them with me, because, here, they have their grandmother and their friends. So please mum, look after them during this short time.
Her Mother: Okay, you are my daughter, I must understand your decision. Si, I will be the best grandmother around the world. I miss you already.
Lourdes: Thanks mum, I love you and I love them! I will send you a lot of

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